Who we are

Who we are

excalEXCAL (ADE Internacional - EXCAL, S.A.) is a company whose majority shareholder is the Agency for Economic Development of Castilla y León (dependent on the Government of the Autonomous Region of Castilla y León). Other shareholders in EXCAL are the Regional Council of Chambers of Commerce and several financial institutions operating in the region. Although EXCAL has the legal status of a business, it is a non-profit making organisation that operates as a government agency, in charge of the international promotion of companies from Castilla y León and the provision of professional consultancy services to the Regional Government in the field of economy and international trade. EXCAL receives public funds to finance its activities in the field of information provision and consultancy services to companies, business training and international promotion, through the participation in major events and fairs organised around the world in a wide variety of economic sectors.

Mission, courses of action

The mission of ADE Internacional EXCAL in this and in the other economic sectors it is involved in is to provide the outside world with information on the capacities of local businesses and universities in the field of Spanish language courses for foreigners. However, ADE Internacional EXCAL is not directly involved in the business of language teaching or in the organisation of educational trips, neither does it act as agent for the schools and universities. The mission of ADE Internacional EXCAL consists in informing agents, teachers, associations and educational institutions from all over the world about the possibilities of studying Spanish in Castilla y León. ADE Internacional EXCAL has therefore also established a series of accreditation standards that ensure the quality of the Spanish language teaching centres included in the promotion activities they carry out around the world.

Accreditation system

ADE International EXCAL takes care to ensure that the institutions it promotes provide educational services of the highest quality and with the utmost professionalism. However, it is also important to guarantee the characteristics that the facilities and equipment must have, how the accommodation and other additional services offered by the schools are managed, and how the schools are run internally in order to make sure that these quality levels are reached. Consequently, ADE International EXCAL has adopted, in accordance with the government of Castile and Leon’s Spanish for Foreigners Plan, the accreditation system established by the Cervantes Institute which covers all aspects of quality in schools and must be fulfilled by institutions in order to participate in all of the advertising and promotional activities at fairs and international events. Accreditation by the Cervantes Institute automatically qualifies an educational institution to take part in the promotional activities run by ADE International Excal. If your centre needs any further explanation, please contact us or the Cervantes Institute.

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