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In promoting our region and its accredited schools, we aim to have a close contact with Spanish teachers and students at their universities. That’s why we have been giving presentations on Castile-Leon in universities throughout Europe for years, as well as in Asia and North and South America (see the places indicated on the attached map).
These presentations, genuine cultural fiestas, adhere to a format that has been honed through experience and with the opinions of teachers: their cultural, informative and entertainment elements constitute an original and intriguing activity for students, which adapts perfectly to our advocative task within an academic environment centred on Spanish language and culture.
These presentations have invariably been a highly satisfactory experience for host institutions, their Spanish language professors and other academic institutions in the city, not to mention the participating students, many of whom have even asked us for a repeat performance. The activity does not entail any costs for the host university and simply requires the collaboration of a teacher charged with certain logistical aspects of the event.
If you are a university Spanish language professor and are interested in collaborating with us to arrange one of our activities for your institution, we invite you to contact us and we will immediately attend to your request and analyse the possibility.

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Customised courses for groups of students

Over the course of the year, Castile-Leon’s Instituto Cervantes-accredited Spanish language schools receive individual students looking to perfect their Spanish with intensive classes in an immersion environment. Yet they also specialise in paying special attention to groups of students from the same academic institution who require specific programmes, adapted to the unique needs of each case.
Are you interested in giving your students more hours of conversation? Would you like your students to focus more on writing, Art History in its natural setting, contemporary Spanish society and politics, on business-specific Spanish...? More cultural or entertainment activities? Are you looking for teachers who use a methodology aligned with the one you employ during the year? Would you like the teachers who impart these classes to have certain qualifications? Do you need to arrange an airport pick-up? Do you need an office to work in while your students are in class, or to hold your tutorials? Just ask the schools, and they will find solutions to customise any programme, your own satellite campus in Spain, with the daily issues taken care of by local experts. Or, if you prefer, write to us, inform us of your needs and we will forward them on to all accredited centres, so that they can tender their solutions and bids.

Multimedia Course of Spanish language

This course is based on a short detective story in which the students play a vital role in the solution of the mystery, thus motivating and involving themselves in the learning process of the Spanish language so as to leave no room for becoming discouraged or quitting.A virtual tour around the Hispanic World is carried out on the basis of this story.
The rest of the course is comprised of vocabulary, grammar, or other learning materials that are based on the different dialogues in each lesson as the story unfolds.

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