From the Tierra de Campos ("Land of Fields") to the mountains, from the valleys to the swamps and reservoirs, or the Road to Santiago and the Channel of Castilla, the province of Palencia is a place of hustle and bustle and a crossroads of rich cultural traditions. Palencia has a great wealth of attractions. It is a noble, friendly, and above all, hospitable region, which together with its exquisite gastronomy and folklore, make for an ideal and privileged place.

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Located on the plains of the Tierra de Campos, on the bank of the Carrión River, at 74 m above sea level and 235 km from Madrid, Palencia covers a total surface of 94.71 km2 and has an approximate population of 81,439 inhabitants.

History, Art and Heritage

In ancient times, Palencia was inhabited by the Vacceos, a Celtiberian tribe with an unsurpassed level of education and agricultural development. The Romans, who turned "Pallantia" into one of the most prosperous cities in the middle basin of the Duero River, disappeared in the year 70 AD, as a result of the conquests of Pompey, which put an end to the Celtiberian Wars.

Leisure and gastronomy

The fertile lands surrounding the capital produce a wide variety of quality products used in the elaboration of delicious dishes, such as those listed below.

Typical dishes from Palencia:
  • Cangrejos de río (river crab)
  • Conejo (rabbit)
  • Menestra de verduras (mixed vegetables)
  • Codornices (Qail)
  • Lechazo (roast baby lamb)
  • Sopas de ajo (Garlic soup) 

Near the city


Travellers will find in Palencia and its surrounding regions the perfect place to spend a weekend or the holidays and enjoy some unforgettable days of rest any time of the year. You can choose only destination or visit several different places. From the Tierra de Campos ("Land of Fields") to Montains of more than 2,500 metres high; from the valleys to the Swamps and Reservoirs, or the Road to Santiago and the Channel of Castilla; and the largest collection of Romanesque art in Europe, the province of Palencia offers an extraordinary variety of landscapes and an endless amount of leisure activities related to art, culture and full contact with Nature.

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