Tía Tula

Tía Tula is a lovely Spanish school which is situated right in the historical, university centre of Salamanca and is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as a centre of high quality Spanish teaching.


Foto director de la escuela
Rosa María Calzada Díaz - Manager
Rúa Mayor, 43, 1º - 37008 Salamanca
+34 923 210283
+34 923 218698
Fotografía de la escuela

Just like Salamanca, the city which is always referred to when talking about Spanish teaching throughout the world, Tía Tula combines its classical framework and facilities with the modernity of its people and their methods. Inside there are pretty, comfortable and pleasant classes with views of the monumental zone of the city.

But what makes Tía Tula an ideal place to learn Spanish, is without a doubt its staff: Tía Tula has excellent teaching staff with high qualifications and lots of experience and an amazing administrative team. The teachers see that the students get the most out of their Spanish course whilst the administrative team makes your stay in Salamanca an unforgettable one with their warm and caring treatment of the students.

Tía Tula is a great choice for learning Spanish in Spain and having a wonderful time in a beautiful city devoted to teaching Spanish.