Accredited schools

Accredited schools

Logo instituto cervantesIn Castile-Leon’s accredited schools, you will find a great deal of flexibility, with courses that adapt perfectly to your needs and schedule. You can review each school’s course selection on their respective webpages: intensive or super-intensive courses, specialised courses on specific subjects (business Spanish, medical Spanish, legal Spanish, etc.), courses combined with various activities (tourism, Spanish culture, sport, cuisine and wine, etc.), DELE exam preparation courses, private or individual classes... For groups of students, the schools can design customised courses to meet your preferences or the teacher’s needs. And all this within a family environment, with personalised treatment, in which all students form part of the family, and each is a name, never a number.

Accreditation system procedure. 


Academic services

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The quality of academic services at universities and educational institutions teaching Spanish in Castilla y León is monitored and guaranteed by the regional government of Castilla y León. In Castilla y León, you will learn Spanish using effective, modern and fun teaching methods at institutions with broad experience and specialist staff. All students without exception will take a test to determine their level as soon as they arrive in the city, which will enable the institution to assign them to a group that is in line with their knowledge of Spanish: whether they know only a few words or wish to reach the highest possible level. Throughout the courses, the student's progress is monitored closely in order to achieve the  maximum teaching efficiency. In the majority of cases, language learning is combined with the study of modern Spanish literature, art and history, which gives the student a much broader and more complete vision of Spanish culture and idiosyncrasy.

Assistance and support

Chicas en recepciónAll of our schools and universities offer students every facility from the moment they step onto Spanish soil: comprehensive information about how to get there, in the majority of cases students can even be collected from the airport where required. Our objective is to ensure that you never feel alone in a foreign country, but rather the opposite, that you experience  the friendliness and hospitality of our country first hand. Student care does not begin when they walk into the school, or end when they leave at the end of the day. You can approach our professionals at any time in order to resolve queries or request assistance with any issue that may arise: anything from health problems to advice on leisure and culture.



Residencia mesterThe educational centres will take care of your accommodation. You can choose from a range of different options depending on your personal preferences: host family stays, shared apartments, students residence halls, hotels...




How to get there

aeropuerto villanublaThe airport of Valladolid, located in the centre of the Autonomous Region of Castilla y León, currently operates direct flights from and to London, Brussels and Paris. Most cities in the region are easily reached in one to three hours by road or rail from Madrid Airport. Most schools arrange for transfer from Madrid Airport.



Accredited schools in Castilla y León